People call me "Bo" or “Ka Ming” (my given name, which means inscription of Eudaimonia). 


Welcome! I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Comparative Politics at the School of Geography, Politics, and Sociology, Newcastle University. I am one of the co-convenors of the Governance and Political Organisations (GPO) Cluster at Newcastle University. I am currently serving on the Early Career Researcher Board of Political Psychology

Broadly speaking, I study public opinion and political behaviour. My substantive research interest lies in the intersection of autocratization, radical politics, and information updating during elections. In terms of methodology, I often use surveys and causal inference. 

My dissertation analyzes the impacts of the radical right party's electoral results in a multi-level system. Specifically, I analyze how electoral results, as a source of information, shape voters' ideological identities, their affinity with different parties, and their democratic attitudes. Building upon my previous works, I am working on a project called “Spillover in an Autocratization Age (SpAA)”. It studies how citizens in multi-level systems update various autocratization events (e.g. electoral victories of authoritarians; US Capitol insurrection; military coups). As these events took place in an international system, I analyze whether and how these autocratization events change citizens’ political attitudes and behaviour across borders.

My work has won the Best Paper Award from the PSA Specialist Group on Autocracy and Regime Change and the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Student Conference Award. My research has been funded by various institutions, including DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), European Survey Research Association, the German Federal Foreign Office, and Heinz und Sybille Laufer Foundation.

Before joining Newcastle, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Consortium on Electoral Democracy (C-Dem) in Canada. I obtained my PhD in Political Science at LMU Munich in June 2022. During my graduate study, I was a visiting researcher at Berlin Social Science Center (WZB).